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Flash Cards, squared with pink frame, A6, pack of 80

Revision couldn’t be easier with the Oxford Flash Cards. Write your question then flip the flash card over to write your answer. Organise your revision by colour and test your memory with the quiz function. These flash cards will soon become your ultimate study aid!
  • £9.25

  • Revise anytime, anywhere
    Scan and save your flash cards with the free Scribzee app so you can revise anytime, anywhere, from any device
  • Question & answer cards
    Revise by writing a question on the front of the flash card and the answer on the back, then test yourself using the in-app quiz function
  • Quiz function
    Test your memory with Scribzee’s handy quiz. The app even keeps score and shows you the flash cards you answered incorrectly
  • Easier organisation
    Scribzee® identifies the colour of the frame and automatically files the flash cards into coloured folders on the app. Ideal for organising your cards on your phone without wasting time
  • Product Details
  • A6 size, 105 x 148 mm
  • 5x5 mm squared on both sides
  • Pink-coloured frame to help organise your subjects by colour
  • Premium 250g card designed to last
  • Cards compatible with the Scribzee® app to scan, save and test your revision
  • Pack of 80 cards