Study anytime, anywhere with your Oxford notebook or flash cards and our free SCRIBZEE® app.

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Why not take advantage of that boring bus trip or train journey home to revise your study notes. With your Oxford notebook or flash cards you can scan your handwritten pages into the app to then read and revise your notes wherever you are.

Tired of carrying around a different notebook for each subject? Our free SCRIBZEE® scanning app allows you to save all your notes in different folders so you can separate your scans by subject or module, and you can even colour code the folders!

Studying has never been so appealing or easy to manage, putting you in complete control when it comes to studying and revision.

How does SCRIBZEE® work?

With Oxford Campus Notebooks

After downloading the free app, simply hold your phone over the first page of your Oxford notebook that you want to scan. The phone will then scan the tiny markers in the corners of each page of your Oxford notebook, and save a copy on the app.

If you want to scan several pages and save as one file, just press the + button before you scan the next page. SCRIBZEE® will automatically crop and straighten the image and save it safely in the cloud, so it doesn’t take up lots of phone memory.

Watch the below video to see how SCRIBZEE® works with your Oxford Campus notebook – perfect for organising your studying and sharing notes with friends or classmates.


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With Oxford Flash Cards

There are even more reasons to use SCRIBZEE® with your Oxford flash cards. The app will automatically file your flash cards by the colour so you can colour code your subjects, making the pain of studying or revising that bit easier and that bit less stressful!

After you’ve finished learning one subject, select the quiz function and test your memory. The app will show all the questions in that subject, say the answer out loud and tap the screen to check the answer. Simply swipe left if you got it wrong and swipe right if you answered correctly.


Quiz function

The app will then show you your score at the end, giving you a target to beat next time. 

To find out more about the best way to revise with your Oxford flash cards and how to make your revision work for you, read our blog article here.

Access SCRIBZEE® on any device

Not only is SCRIBZEE® downloadable for your phone or tablet, you can also use the web version on your laptop or computer. Access your notes on a bigger screen and search for your notes faster by keyword or date, allowing you to better study or revise anytime, anywhere.


To use the web version of SCRIBZEE® click here.


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Still have questions about SCRIBZEE? Visit the help page here.