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Revision and exam time can sometimes be stressful...but with the right tools and the right methods, we can help you revise and ace your exams! In our blogs, you will find helpful revision tips and tricks, as well as advice on how to get the most from your OXFORD FLASH CARDS and OXFORD REVISION NOTEBOOK, thanks to the free SCRIBZEE® app.

  • Flash cards, a simple and effective way to revise

    How can flash cards help?

    Simply write a question that you want to test yourself with on the front of the flash card, and then the answer on the back. Use the range of rulings to suit your subject. Learn and revise vocabulary, definitions, dates, mathematical formulas, scientific diagrams…anything!

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  • What are Oxford Flash Cards?

    Oxford Flash Cards are the ultimate revision tool. A6 cards, with 3 rulings and 12 different coloured edges that allow you to organise your revision and studies by colour. The possibility to revise anytime, anywhere... With Oxford Flash Cards you can revise anytime, anywhere because they ... View Post