Scan, save, search and share your notes with Scribzee

How does Scribzee work with Oxford Campus notebooks?

After downloading the free Scribzee app, simply hold your phone over the first page of your Oxford notebook that you want to scan. The phone will then scan the tiny markers in the corners of each page of your Oxford notebook. 

If you want to scan several pages and save as one file, just press the + button before you scan the next page. Scribzee will automatically crop and straighten the image and save it safely in the cloud, so it doesn’t take up lots of phone memory.

For more information on Scribzee and FAQ’s visit our help page here.

Watch the below video to see how Scribzee works with your Oxford Campus notebook – perfect for organising your studying and sharing notes with friends or classmates.


Introducing Handwriting Search to Scribzee


The Scribzee app was designed with you in mind – to help you get the most out of your Oxford Campus notebook and make it easy to Scan, Save and Share your notes. 

Now, we are pleased to announce the introduction of handwriting search to Scribzee – just one of the many upgrades we’ve made to the app since launching it.

Because your notes are precious and contain important information to be reread or reused, SCRIBZEE now enables you to find handwritten text in your notes.

Gone are the days of having to click on every note to find the information you need. From now on, search for a word in your notes and SCRIBZEE displays all your notes, including this handwritten text term, in just one click!

To find out more about how to retrieve your notes quickly with Scribzee, watch the video below:

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